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Freeze Dried Yellow Peach Banana Yoghurt


Taste: crisp and delicious, rich fruit, sour and sweet.

Manufacturing process: FD Aerospace freeze-drying process; The active probiotics were added and fermented by raw milk.

Eating method: open bags and eat immediately; It can also be served with warm water or milk.

Place of origin: Jiangxi

Product specification: 30g

Product introduction:

1. The FD Aerospace freeze-drying process is used to extract only water, without damaging the original nutrition of fruit and yoghurt, and keeps 95 % The above nutrients.

2. No less than 100000000 active probiotics are added to every 100g of the product, which is natural, healthy and nutritious, and helps the intestines to exercise.

3. Strict selection of high-quality milk source fermented yogurt, rich milk flavor, rich protein, balanced nutrition. The protein content of yogurt is higher than that of ordinary pure milk.

4. Fresh fruit content up to 13 % , colorful fruit, sour and sweet.